Autodesk Creative Platform UI Toolkit Version 1.5.0
Comprehensive set of reusable HTML5 controls and templates

Controls.SketchParams Overview

Sketch2D control parameters.

See Also: Controls.Sketch2D

Introduced in Version: 1.0.0

Class Member Summary

  • property
  • property
      height | Default: 200
  • property
      id | Default: 'sketch'
  • property
      parent | Default: 'body'
  • property
      width | Default: 200

Class Member Details

String css

An external css class.

Number height | Default: 200

Height of Sketch2D control.

String id | Default: 'sketch'

An id of sketch control.

String or Object parent | Default: 'body'

Parent of sketch control. Pass valid id or jQuery object of parent. If parent is not set then Sketch2D control will be appended to body.

Number width | Default: 200

Width of Sketch2D control.