Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
A broad and deep collection of 2D and 3D capabilities.

Tess Overview

To achieve optimal precision, shapes are recomputed when they are scaled. These utility functions allow you to control the level of tessellation based on contextual awareness.

Introduced in Version: 1.0.0

Static Member Summary

Static Member Details

Array [ Array [ Number ] ] boundariesFromContours (contours, [windingRule])

Extracts the boundaries from the contours. If some contours overlap eachother, the outcome is effected by the winding rule. See Also: Sketch2D.toPolygons, polygonsFromBoundaries, WindingRule

Number circleDivisions (radius)

Estimate circle divisions based on radius and tesselation tolerance
  • radius: Number - the input radius length

Object polygonsFromBoundaries (boundaries)

Given the boundaries from boundariesFromContours, this will generate the tesselation information. Object returned has the following members:
  • vertices: Array [ Number ] - An array of vertex positions.
  • triangleIndices: Array [ Number ] - An array of the triangle indices, where the size is the number of triangles * 3.
  • boundaryIndices: Array [ Number ] - An array of boundary indices, where the size is the number of boundaries * 2.
See Also: Sketch2D.toPolygons, boundariesFromContours, WindingRule

Number tolerance()

Get the tolerance for tessellation