Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
A broad and deep collection of 2D and 3D capabilities.

Point3D Overview

Implements Interfaces: IDebuggable

A point in 3D Space.

Introduced in Version: 1.1.0

Class Member Summary

Class Member Details

• Point3D (x, y, z) | Constructor

The following parameters can be specified in the constructor:
  • x: Number - The X component of the point.
  • y: Number - The Y component of the point.
  • z: Number - The Z component of the point.

Point3D clone()

Creates a copy of the object and returns it.

• debug()

Instructs the object to present useful debugging information via a series of calls to Debug.point, Debug.line and Debug.triangles.

Number distanceTo (point)

Calculates the distance to another point

Boolean equals (other)

Returns true if the objects are equal within tolerance (1e-6), otherwise false.
  • other: Point3D or Object - An object to compare this object to.

Point3D transform (matrix) | Chainable

Transforms the point by a transformation matrix, or an array containing the elements of a transformation matrix.
  • matrix: Matrix3D or Array [ Number ] - A Matrix3D or an Array of 16 numbers to construct a Matrix3D from.

Number x

The X position of the point

Number y

The Y position of the point

Number z

The Z position of the point