Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
A broad and deep collection of 2D and 3D capabilities.

LayoutGroupJSON Overview

Derived Classes: LayoutGroupChoiceJSON, LayoutGroupMapJSON, LayoutGroupView3DJSON

Describes the layout of the parameters.

See Also: ShapeGeneratorConfigurationJSON.layout

Introduced in Version: 1.4.0

JSON Field Summary

  • property
      background | Optional
  • property
      children | Optional
  • property
      id | Optional
  • property
      name | Optional
  • property
      type | Optional

JSON Field Details

• string background | Optional

A URL to a background image to use behind the group.

Array [ LayoutGroupItemJSON , ... ] children | Optional

The children of this particular group.

String id | Optional

The globally unique identifier of this group. If this group is contained within a parent LayoutGroupItemJSON this id will override the for the item. When the HTML for this particular item is generated, the element is guaranteed to have a suffix equivalent to the ID supplied. This allows designers to overlay CSS style sheets later on to have greater control over the layout provided CSS selectors are written with suffix matches rather than exact matches. For example imagine the following HTML code:
	<div id="div1_stop">Stop</div>
	<div id="div2_slow">Slow</div>
	<div id="div3_go">Go</div>
In this case, "div1", "div2" and "div3" prefixes may have been provided to the element by the internal UI framework. However "stop", "slow" and "go" were IDs provided by the developer so that the resulting elements could be found. This permits some stylization customization using CSS selectors such as this:
div[id$=stop] {
	height: 40px;

String name | Optional

The name of this group. When nested in a parent group whose type is configured as "tabs", this controls the tab name.

String type | Optional

Configures the type of group, which affects how this group is presented to the user. If not configured, it will simply be nested in the display.
  • "tabs"

    Each child of this group is displayed as a tab, and the contents of a single child are displayed at any time. Refer to {LayoutGroupTabsJSON} for additional fields.

  • "map"

    An interactive image map is used to navigate the children of this group, and the contents of a single child are displayed at any time. Refer to LayoutGroupMapJSON for additional fields.

  • "choice"

    Allows clients to restrict the user input such that the parameters of any particular group are mutually exclusive from other groups. Refer to LayoutGroupChoiceJSON for additional fields.

  • "view3d"

    Allows clients to configure where the 3D view goes. Refer to LayoutGroupView3DJSON for additional fields.