Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
A broad and deep collection of 2D and 3D capabilities.

LabelConfigurationJSON Overview

Configures a Label.

See Also: LayoutGroupItemLabelJSON.label

Introduced in Version: 1.4.0

JSON Field Summary

JSON Field Details

String fontSize | Optional

The font size for the label text.Acceptable values are:
  • "smaller"
  • "small"
  • "medium"
  • "large"
  • "larger"

String styleClass | Optional

An additional css style for the label. It must be a valid css class name(s). To add multiple css classes on label, add space between each class name. Example,
  • {"styleClass": "class1"}
  • {"styleClass": "class1 class2 class3"}

String text | Required

The text to display for the label.