Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
A broad and deep collection of 2D and 3D capabilities.

Font Overview

Creates an object that represents a SVG font.

Introduced in Version: 1.16.0

Class Member Summary

Class Member Details

• Font (font, [size]) | Constructor

The following parameters can be specified in the constructor:
  • font: String - The content of a SVG font file.
  • size: Number - The top right point of the | Optional , Default: 25

Number glyphAdvance (ch)

Gets the horizontal advance after rendering a glyph.
  • ch: String - A character corresponds to the glyph.

Array [ Path2D ] glyphPaths (ch)

Gets the paths of a glyph as an array of Path2D objects.
  • ch: String - A character corresponds to the glyph.

Number size The size of a font, which is the full height of a character. | Default: 25

Gets or sets the font size, which determine the size of text generated by the font.