Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
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EventSource Overview

EventSource is the standard way of declaring an event which clients can bind to, to receive callback notifications when the event occurs.

Introduced in Version: 1.1.0

1 Example:

//define custom event to which listeners can listen for a change
var customEvent = new CoreLibrary.EventSource('customevent');

var eventListener = function () {
    //some code

customEvent.bind(eventListener); //bind event listener

function someFunction() {; //call all the event listeners
    //unbind listener

Class Member Summary

Class Member Details

• EventSource (type, [target]) | Constructor

The following parameters can be specified in the constructor:
  • type: String - A meaningful identifier for the event name.
  • target: Object - The object that serves as the {Event#target} for raised events. | Optional

• bind (listener)

Bind listener function to specific event.
  • listener: Function - Listener function

1 Example:


• fire (data, originalEvent)

Will invoke all the listener functions.
  • data: Object - Event-specific data that will be available on the Event object in the data field.
  • originalEvent: Object - Originating event, if this event is caused by another event. Will be available on the Event object in the originalEvent field.

1 Example:;, domEvent);

• unbind (listener)

Unbind listener function from specific event.
  • listener: Function - Listener function

2 Examples:

    event.unbind(); //will unbind all the listeners
    event.unbind(listener); //will unbind specific listener