Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
A broad and deep collection of 2D and 3D capabilities.

Event Overview

Event is passed to client callbacks when any EventSource is fired using the method.

Introduced in Version: 1.1.0

Class Member Summary

Class Member Details

Boolean bubbles | Read Only

Identifies current event bubbles down to all listeners or not.

Boolean cancelable | Read Only

Identifies current event is cancelable or not.

Object data | Read Only

Event-specific data associated with this event. Value supplied in

Object originalEvent | Read Only

Information about the originating event, if this event is caused by another event. Value supplied in

Object target | Read Only

This read-only property is an object that hosts the EventSource. This is specified by the host in the constructor for EventSource.

Date timestamp | Read Only

Event time stamp.

String type | Read Only

A meaningful name of the event, cooresponding to the string supplied when the firing EventSource was constructed.