Autodesk Creative Platform Core Version 1.19.0
A broad and deep collection of 2D and 3D capabilities.

Conversions Overview

A centrally located set of functions that provide import and export capabilities for popular file formats and conversion routines between data schemas.

Introduced in Version: 1.1.0

Static Member Summary

Static Member Details

ArrayBuffer toArrayBufferFromBase64 (base64)

Decode the base64 encoded string into ArrayBuffer.
  • base64: String - The input based64 encoded string.

String toAsciiSTLFromMesh3D (mesh)

Converts a mesh object to an .STL ASCII formatted stream.
  • mesh: Mesh3D - The Mesh3D object to be converted.

String toBase64FromArrayBuffer (arrayBuffer)

Create a base-64 encoded ASCII string from ArrayBuffer.

ArrayBuffer toBinarySTLFromMesh3D (mesh)

Converts a mesh object to an .STL binary formatted stream.
  • mesh: Mesh3D - The Mesh3D object to be converted.

Mesh3D toMesh3DFromSTL (stldata)

Converts .STL formatted data into a mesh object.
  • stldata: DataView - The data for the STL file, most often obtained from resourceDataView.
See Also: Library.resourceDataView

Sketch2D toSketch2DFromSVG (svgdata)

Converts the 2D svg data into the paths of the Sketch2D.
  • svgdata: String - The string of the svg data, which is an XML string.

Sketch2D toSketch2DFromText (text, font, [fontSize])

Converts text into the paths of the Sketch2D using given font svg.
  • text: String - The input string.
  • font: String or Font - The file content of a svg font, or a Font object.
  • fontSize: Number - The font size of the generated text. This parameter is used only if svg font content is passed in as the font, otherwise the size property on the font object determines the size of generated text. | Optional , Default: 25