Autodesk Creative Platform Runtime Library Version 1.5.0
Implicit Capabilities and Client-Side Runtime

FileJSON Overview

Information about the input argument required to create an instance of the File} object. The input supports either a publically accessible url or a local file url. The local file url allows for faster access but has the limitations of being accessible only within the same browser and domain. Apart from these properties, the input may also have certain extra properties. These properties will be retained and returned when calling the toJSON method but will not affect the functioning of this class.

Introduced in Version: 1.4.0

JSON Field Summary

  • property
      fileURL | Read Only
  • property
      name | Optional
  • property
      url | Read Only

JSON Field Details

String fileURL | Read Only

The local file url created using URL.createObjectURL. This url is only accessible within the same browser and for the same domain.

String name | Optional

An optional name of the file. If the name is not provided, it will be retrieved from the URL.

String url | Read Only

The url at which the file can be accessed